Running iOS 13 Beta 2? Say this to Siri to break her!

The Siri Logo
Source: Apple

iOS 13’s new Siri voice has a weird glitch inside it when you ask him/her “Tell me about Kristen Ritter” on the iOS 13 Developer Beta 2.

This only works on iOS 13 Beta 2, and the issue occurs when she reaches the part with the “B————“, a show that Kristen Ritter was in. For whatever reason, the new Siri voice goes crazy when she reads this and begins to sound… odd. 

I don’t want to spoil it, so for those of you who are running the iOS 13 Developer Beta 2, give it a go! It’s seriously funny! Otherwise, take a look here!

Be aware that this doesn’t work on any other voice except for the American voices. I tried on British English, Australian, and more and it did not work.

It’s gonna be a few days before Beta 3 of iOS 13, so you still have a while to try it out before Apple likely remove or fix it!

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