What’s new in iOS 13 Beta 4

Apple’s new iOS 13 in Dark Mode

Today, Apple released the fourth beta of iOS 13, their newest operating system for the iPhone. iOS 13 brings some nifty new features to Apple’s operating system, such as a Dark Mode, lyrics in Apple Music, faster Face ID, and much much more.

So, what’s new or changed inside iOS 13 beta 4? Well, below is a list of all of the newest features and changes that can be found inside of the fourth beta of iOS 13. This beta is running Build 17A5534f. At the moment, there are no release notes attached to iOS 13, but they may be added later.

Also, please note that this article is a work in progress. It will be continually updated as we find things inside iOS 13.

  • First thing that I noticed was that 3D Touch is back! Yay for all 3D Touch users!
  • There’s a new design 3D Touch in iOS 13 Beta 4. There is now a grey line appearing between the Quick Action toggle and the ‘Share [App Name]’ button.
  • 3D Touching an App icon gives a new option to ‘Rearrange Apps’
  • 3D Touching and app and then dragging in any direction will bring you into to Jiggle Mode (where you can delete apps)
  • New edit icon for editing widgets in the Widgets View
  • There’s a new icon for Voice Message in Messages
  • Also, my Messages no longer crashes upon opening the App
  • iOS 13-only Apps (for example, the new redesigned Reminders App) can now be re-downloaded from the App Store after being deleted in previous betas.
  • App Store has new ‘Stories’ page
  • Swiping up from the notification centre definitely has a faster animation
  • Connection to iCloud email now functional again. In Beta 3, I was unable to send or receive emails using my iCloud email due to an ‘Unknown Error’
  • There’s a new Share Sheet design which embraces translucency. It looks way better than the old one
  • There is a new animation for changing the zoom (‘Regular Zoom’ vs ‘Display Zoom’)
  • Some Apps (e.g. Fallout Shelter, Twitter etc.) are still crashing for me, which is unfortunate. Maybe in the next beta!

From the looks of it, not much changed in this beta. It was probably more internal stuff. But, we will keep updating this article if we find anything new throughout our usage of iOS 13 Beta 4.

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