Apple Card Attempted Transaction email leaked!

Today, Spectrum Report showed a screenshot of the email/notification Apple Card users will get if the Apple Card is rejected. This is a notification that you receive via email when you card is rejected at the till of a shop. 

In the leaked email, we can see the title “Please take action as soon as you can”, followed by the “Attempted Transaction Details”, which included information about the attempted transaction. It shows the transaction amount, the merchant, and the date of which the card was rejected. 

The leaked Apple Card email
Source: Spectrum Report

Following this, the email says “We’d like to confirm that this transaction attempt was made by you. Please go to Apple Card in the Wallet app to respond”. This suggests that you’ll be able to resolve issues and potentially call Apple/Goldman-Sachs to confirm your identity.

At the very bottom of the email, there is a banner which displays “Get in touch with an Apple Card specialist. Available 24/7”. It also says beneath that title “Chat with a Specialist using the Wallet app”. 

What do you think of this email? Do you think that it could be real? We don’t know, but we’ll know pretty soon as Apple is expected to be releasing the Apple Card quite soon!

Apple Card will only be available in the United States at launch, with Apple likely to roll it out to the rest of the world in the weeks/months following its launch in the US

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