New 13” MacBook Pro may arrive next month; codename ‘J223’

Reliable Apple-leaker Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) has revealed today that Apple’s next MacBook Pro, which will be an upgraded 13” model, should be arriving next month, provided that all stages of this computer’s development go according to plan.

In a tweet released today, he shared that the next MacBook Pro will be a 13” display, and should be arriving next month. He also revealed that the internal codename for this MacBook Pro is J223. However, the computer’s arrival time is based on if everything with the computer goes well.

Many rumours over the past few months have suggested that Apple would be ditching the 13” MacBook Pro in favour of a 14” MacBook Pro, similar to how Apple discontinued the 15” MacBook Pro in favour of a 16” MacBook Pro. However, this tweet would suggest that Apple are going to continue with the 13” display size.

It is likely that this MacBook Pro won’t be anything dramatic, and the biggest upgrades will be likely be internal spec bumps and the new Magic Keyboard from the 16” MacBook Pro.

Credit to Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) for this information!

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