iPhone 9 Plus may not be ready for initial launch; ‘iPhone 9’ placeholder names appear on mobile carrier site

New images shared online by reliable Apple leaker Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser & @CameronCocking1) once again confirm that Apple are planning to name the successor to the iPhone SE the ‘iPhone 9’. 

Jon Prosser also suggested on Twitter that the iPhone 9 Plus, the larger 5.5” version of the iPhone 9, may not be ready for launch on the rumoured date of April 22nd.

Starting off with the placeholder names, these images once again confirm the ‘iPhone 9’ naming for the next iPhone SE. The placeholders have appeared on the Virgin Mobile Canada activation website. 

The images also confirm that the iPhone 9 will be available in Silver, Red, and Grey, and will be available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage sizes.

Next, Jon Prosser also shared his thoughts regarding the iPhone 9 Plus on Twitter. According to his sources, the iPhone 9 Plus’ production is incomplete at the moment, and may not be ready for the initial launch of the iPhone 9.

However, he does clarify that he may be wrong about this, but as of now, the iPhone 9 Plus production is not ready and is likely that it will not be ready for the initial launch.

The rumoured announcement date for the iPhone 9 is April 15th, with the new phone shipping on April 22nd. However, recent reports suggest that Apple may announce the iPhone 9 as a soon as tomorrow.

Credit to Jon Prosser and @CameronCocking1 for these images. Credit to Jon Prosser for the info regarding the iPhone 9 Plus. Credit to @OnLeaks for the cover image of this article.

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