Redesigned iOS 14 Wallpaper Picker Leaked

Apple leaker Dongle (@DongleBookPro) has shared some images on Twitter today, showing us what the iOS 14 wallpaper picker user interfaces will look like.

It appears that the wallpaper picker user interface is getting a full redesign, with multiple customisations being available to the user. It also shows that all the wallpapers will be divided up by iOS version, making it easier to select a wallpaper from the generation of iOS or type of wallpaper you want. For example, in the photos, the wallpapers are divided up by “iOS 13” and “Classic Strips”.

It would also appear that Apple are adding a toggle for ‘Smart Gradient’, which appears as though it will auto-generate a blurred version of the chosen wallpaper in multiple different variations, such a black version, dark version, light version, and dark model version. The Smart Gradient will also apply a gradient effect to the blurred wallpaper, making it dark at the bottom of the generated wallpaper and it getting gradually lighter as it rises or vica versa.

The wallpaper preview is also getting an upgrade. It will show you the variations that you have picked, as well as showing you the regular version of the wallpaper for comparison.

This is the first proper look at the user interface of iOS 14. Although it doesn’t appear that Apple will be doing a full redesign of the user interface as many have hoped, it seems that many improvements are coming. Recent leaks over the past few weeks have suggested that Apple will be adding a list view to the Home Screen.

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