Leak suggests that Apple Watch Series 6 will have Sleep Tracking, Pulse Oximeter, Mental Health Abnormality detection, and more.

Apple YouTuber Nikias Molina has shared some some exclusive information he has received regarding the Apple Watch Series 6, which, according to his sources, is getting some pretty interesting new features.

The first thing he mentions is that the Apple Watch Series 6 will be getting full Sleep Tracking capabilities. Since the Apple Watch’s launch in 2015, there have been multiple apps that help track your sleep, but this would be the first time that Apple develop their own method of tracking sleep.

The next thing Nikias speaks about is that they new Apple Watch will be getting a longer battery life, which would certainly be welcome.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this leak is the next thing Nikias spoke about is the addition of Pulse Oximeter capabilities to the Apple Watch Series 6. A Pulse Oximeter is a small electronic device that estimates the saturation of oxygen in your blood, and is normally a separate device that is clipped onto your finger. However, it would appear that Apple has found a way to measure this without needing to clip anything to your finger. However, it is unknown how Apple will make this feature accurate.

Nikias also added that the new Apple Watch would have the S6 processor, which was already well-known and pretty much a guarantee.

The final thing mentioned by Nikias is that the Apple Watch would be getting a very interesting new feature – Mental Health Abnormality Detection. He doesn’t elaborate on this feature, what it does, or how it works, but it would appear to monitor your mental health and calculate an evaluation. If this leak is to be believed, this is the new feature that I would be most curious to try out.

That is all the Nikias had to shared regarding the upcoming Apple Watch model. If there was any doubt to the legitimacy of this leak, highly-respected Apple Leaker Jon Prosser confirmed that this leak is accurate, although he does to elaborate on anything else regarding the leak.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be announced at the Apple Special Event in September, although recent development delays and manufacturing issues with COVID-19 may have caused the launch to be pushed back to October or November.

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