iPhone 12 prices leaked; 4 new 5G models, ranging from $649 to $1,099

Highly reliable Apple-leaker Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) has shared some information he has received regarding the upcoming iPhone 12 models and their respective pricing. According to the information he received, the new models of the iPhone 12 will range from $649 to $1,099.

Starting with the cheapest model, Prosser says that this model (D52G) will use a 5.4” OLED display, will feature two cameras, 5G, and will start at $649. This means that this will be the cheapest model out of the four new iPhone 12 models.

The next price tier is the first 6.1” iPhone 12, which is using the codename D53G. This iPhone is designed to replace the iPhone 11. Just like the previous model, this iPhone will have 5G, an OLED screen, two cameras, and new processors. The only change between this model and the previous cheaper model is the display size. This iPhone will utilise a 6.1” OLED display. This change brings the price up by $100, which means this iPhone will retail for $749.


The next model is the second 6.1” iPhone 12 Pro, which is using the codename D53P. Similar to the previous two models, this iPhone 12 will feature 5G, an OLED display, and new processors. However, the biggest change in this model will be addition of another camera and a LiDAR sensor on the rear. The 5.4” and 6.1” iPhones had two cameras and no LiDAR sensor. This brings the price up to $999.

The final and most expensive model is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This model, just like the all the other iPhones, will utilise 5G and new processors. However, this model will utilise a bigger 6.7” OLED display with three cameras and a LiDAR sensor at the rear. This will be the most expensive iPhone 12 model, with it being expected to retail for about $1,099.

This would be the biggest iPhone in the history of Apple. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is 6.5”, so this iPhone will be about 0.2” bigger. This is the first time that Apple will be offering more than three iPhones in one launch, so it will be interesting to see how Apple market all the phones.

As for reliability, Jon Prosser says that he received this information from the same leaker who shared the iPhone SE launch date with him, which was perfect. Although this doesn’t mean that the leak is 100% accurate, it definitely could mean that it is what Apple is considering for this year’s lineup of iPhones.


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