Apple promises to be 100% Carbon Neutral by 2030

Apple have released a new advert on their YouTube channel promising that all of Apple’s facilities worldwide will be entirely carbon neutral by 2030. In addition to the new advert, Apple are also promoting a new website:, which outlines Apple’s commitment to protecting the planet.

In the description of the video, Apple said the following:

Apple is carbon neutral. But that’s not enough. 

We reached that goal in April 2020, and we’re certainly proud that our facilities, corporate emissions, and corporate travel don’t contribute carbon to the planet. We use 100 percent renewable electricity, and we’ve invested in the restoration of forests, wetlands, and grasslands to remove carbon naturally.

However, all of this is just a starting point. We have an entirely different goal in mind. It’s kind of an audacious plan. By 2030 our whole carbon footprint — from manufacturing to transportation to end-of-life material recovery — will be nonexistent. All of Apple will be 100 percent carbon neutral. To do that, we’ll be using renewable energy and recycled materials throughout our supply chain. We’ll be restoring natural ecosystems around the world. And we’ll reuse as much as we can.

While designing the world’s most innovative products, we’re also designing a sustainable manufacturing process.

To really get to carbon zero while making products people all over the world love — a lot of people might say that’s impossible. We say it won’t be. Keep an eye on us and see.

Source: Apple

It’s likely that Apple are going to use Climate Change as the main reason to remove the charger from the upcoming iPhone 12 box, although this is just speculation.

In addition to advert and new website, Apple have also published the 2020 Environmental Progress Report, which can be viewed here (PDF).

You can read the full report from Apple here and you can see the full video below on Apple’s YouTube channel:


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