Images of Apple’s A14 Bionic chip surface online

Reliable Apple leaker Mr. White (@loabaiTD) shared images on Twitter today showing several of Apple’s custom A14 chip which will used in the four upcoming iPhone 12 models.

The A14 chip is Apple’s custom in-house CPU that will be used inside the new iPhones coming this September. It is the successor to the current-generation A13 Bionic, which Apple boasts as the most powerful in any smartphone.

You can see the leaked image below, which very clearly shows eight (and the tops of four more) A14 chips:


Little is known about the next generation processor from Apple, although it’s a guarantee to expect it to be faster than the A13 Bionic chip. Back in January of this year, it was rumoured that the A14 chip would be exceeding 3GHz, making it the first mobile-based ARM processor to go past 3GHz. 

This report was corroborated with when an A14 leaked benchmark appeared on Geekbench and clearly showed that it outperformed the iPad Pro with an A12X Bionic chip. You can see a comparison of the two benchmarks below:

iPad Pro with A12X Bionic (left) verses speculated A14 Chip (right) — Source:

Alongside this, reliable leakers Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro both said that the A14 will have 15 billion transistors, which is a huge improvement over the A13’s 8.5 billion transistors. It is also expected that the A14 Bionic will reduce it’s size to 5 nanometers, which is 2nm smaller than the 7nm A13 chip. 

It should be noted that the A14 chip is not the same chip that will be featured in the upcoming ARM Macs. The chips for the ARM Macs will have 12 cores with the A14 chip for the iPhones having 6 cores. Apple will likely use the A14 chip inside a new Mac computer, although it will be a different design and build to the ones featured in the iPhones.


3 thoughts on “Images of Apple’s A14 Bionic chip surface online

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  1. “This report was corroborated…when an A14 leaked benchmark appeared on Geekbench”

    Not really. These are just unconfirmed benchmark numbers that add to unconfirmed claims. Apple, undoubtedly, will offer an impressive A14 chip. That chip doesn’t have to have anything like the shown performance to be great. Does any chip in general circulation, today, return a single core Geekbench score of 1658? Not a chip that I am aware of.


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