Pictures of iPhone 12 Pro Max leaked; 6.7” display, same notch, 120Hz display settings, and more; tech specs leaked too

YouTuber EverythingApplePro and Apple Leaker Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) have released the first pictures of an iPhone 12 Pro Max PVT internal model.

The pictures, which show an internal iPhone 12 Pro Max, show quite a bit about the design of the upcoming iPhone. It seems that Apple will be sticking to the iPhone X-sized notch for this year’s model. However, because the the display size is increasing from 6.5” to 6.7”, there is more room on either side of the notch. 


For example, on the left side of the notch, there is now more room for the time to display the “AM/PM” text along with a location services icon. On the right side of the notch, EverythingApplePro points out that Apple has slightly adjusted the battery icon.

As for the content on the screen, the leaked pictures show the same 120Hz display settings leaked by Jon Prosser less than an hour ago, although this version has the iPhone in Dark Mode. Regardless, the content is still the same. 

There are two toggles on this Settings page – one for enabling a High Refresh Rate and the other for enabling an Adaptive Refresh Rate. The former setting enables the 120Hz display refresh rate and the iPhone will never leave/turn off the 120Hz refresh rate. The latter toggle allows the iPhone to determine if the 120Hz refresh rate should be enabled based on the content being displayed on the screen.


If this setting is on, the iPhone will drop the refresh rate to 60Hz (what all iPhone 11 models use currently) until the iPhone determines that the content on the screen should be using the 120Hz refresh rate.

Lastly, EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach leaked what appears to be the tech specs materials for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. They released three screenshots. 

The first screenshot shows the specifications of the display for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It uses a 6.7” Super Retina XDR OLED Display with Haptic Touch. The resolution of the screen is 2788-by-1284 with 458 ppi, compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 ppi.


The second screenshot shows that the iPhone is capable of wired and wireless charging. Interestingly, the picture says that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is “wireless fast charge” capable. The third screenshot simply says that the fast-charging 20W adapter is sold separately and is not included in the box.

As we get closer to the official unveiling by Apple, more and more leaks are beginning to emerge. Not long more to wait until we know exactly what the iPhone 12 will be like.


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