Leaked screenshots from an internal iPhone 12 Pro Max show settings for LiDAR sensor and configurable 120Hz display.

Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser), a respected Apple leaker, has released screenshots taken from the Settings app of an internal iPhone 12 Pro Max development model.

In the camera settings panel, the second setting offers a toggle to ‘Enable LiDAR CA’. It’s been long rumoured that the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max would feature the addition of a LiDAR sensor to the rear camera array, and these internal settings certainly show that Apple is testing a model with a LiDAR sensor.

Additionally, the setting below that offers the option for “Enable Video Modes” and the description below adds that this toggle enables 4K Video Recording at 120FPS, a new maximum frame rate over the maximum 60FPS offered by the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Slow-Mo camera is getting an upgrade and will be capable of 4K Slow-Mo at 240FPS.


One of the settings also mentions “Enhanced Night Mode”, which offers Night Mode but with extended exposure times as well as a “SALPA” mode that can only be used when the iPhone is positioned on a tripod. The other settings offer Advanced Noise Reduction, Bit Depth Zoom, and Zoom Capabilities. There’s no description for these settings.

The second screenshot Prosser leaked is one of the display settings for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There are two toggles on the page – one for enabling a High Refresh Rate and the other for enabling Adaptive Refresh Rate. 

The High Refresh Rate toggle enables 120Hz. With this setting enabled, the iPhone will always work on a 120Hz refresh rate and will not change to anything lower.


The Adaptive Refresh Rate toggle enables the iPhone to determine when to use wither 60Hz or 120Hz. The iPhone makes this decision based on the content of the screen. For example, you may be watching a video on YouTube, so the iPhone will drop the refresh rate to 60Hz. Next, you might be playing a high-graphics game, so the iPhone will increase the refresh rate to 120Hz. This setting is likely included in order to save battery life.

Although that is all the information leaked today, Prosser is promising more leaks, including a video of the iPhone 12 Pro Max that shows off the notch. Prosser also says that some internal models do have 120Hz displays while other do not. 

With only a few weeks left before Apple officially announce the next iPhones, more and more leaks will start to come out. This leak today certainly gives hope that the next generation of iPhones, specifically the Pro models, will have 120Hz displays.

Credit to Jon Prosser for this leak.


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