The 2019 Mac Pro features a new Silver and Black Keyboard

A vector image of the new keyboard style with the new Mac Pro
Source: Apple

Last week at WWDC 2019, Apple unveiled the all new Mac Pro. This computer is an absolute powerhouse, and the price certainly reflects it. But with the new Mac Pro, Apple added a silent upgrade to the keyboard that comes alongside the computers.

The Mac Pro comes with the regular Magic Keyboard and Number Pad that comes with all pro desktop Macs, such as the iMac Pro. The Magic keyboard that arrived with the iMac Pro was space grey and had black keycaps. This one, however, is a mix between the old fashioned Magic Keyboards and the iMac Pro Magic Keyboard. 

With this keyboard, the body of the keyboard is silver and is the same colour as the body of the new Mac Pro. The keycaps are black, just like the ones from the Space Grey Keyboard that Apple offer. I absolutely love it.

The new style of the keyboard with the Pro Display XDR
Source: Nick Statt / The Verge

From the looks of the image above, the keyboard looks to also be using the Butterfly key mechanism that is found in the MacBook Lineup from 2015 onwards. This may not be the best of news to many potential buyers as the Butterfly mechanism has proved problematic in the past. Many people, including myself, have found the keyboard to be troublesome and have reliability issues. However, this may be using the “new” keyboard that is found in the new MacBook Pro 2019 keyboard, which supposedly has increased reliability over previous models. 

I love the look of this keyboard, and I think it compliments the design of the Mac Pro! I hope that Apple decide to sell it separately from the Mac Pro, similar to what they did with the Space Grey keyboard from the iMac Pro.

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