2020 iPhones may feature no notch, a lightning connector, and a new silent switch.

Apple leaker and concept artist, Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin), has shared some more information regarding the 2020 iPhones based on new information he has received.

First off, he says that the 2020’s internal code name is D53, which is following the previous code names of the last few iPhone models such as the iPhone X (D22), iPhone XS (D32), iPhone XS Max (D33), iPhone 11 Pro (D32), and iPhone 11 Pro Max (D33). Following the pattern, this would mean that the 2020 iPhone in question is the “Max” version of the 2020 iPhone models.

Next, Ben Geskin says that this iPhone will feature a redesigned silent switch that will appear at the side of the iPhone. The 2020 iPhone will leave the current horizontal design for the silent switch in order to adopt a vertical design instead.

Following this, Ben Geskin mentions that this model of the 2020 iPhones will feature no notch, which is probably the most noticeable new feature in the render provided by Geskin. He didn’t mention where the Face ID and camera components currently disguised by the notch will be going, but leaks in the past have suggested that Apple will be hiding them behind the display. This is unconfirmed however, and Geskin doesn’t speak about where those components will be going.

Ben Geskin’s Concept of the 2020 iPhone

In a move that surprised me, Geskin is saying that Apple will be retaining the Lightning cable for the 2020 iPhones. Rumours and leaks have been suggesting that 2019’s iPhones would be the final iPhones to receive the Lightning port and in 2020, Apple would swap the Lightning port for a USB-C port. However, this leak suggests that this will not be the case, so we might possibly see a USB-C iPhone in 2021.

Finally, Geskin mentions that this iPhone is running a SwitchBoard 18A311, which according to Geskin, is a reference to iOS 14. Switchboard is an internal Apple utility, which is used to test various applications and features on demo/unreleased iPhones. 

That is all the information Ben Geskin shared today, however, he does say that his information is legit and that he wouldn’t post the information otherwise. The information he received today is from the same person who shared an image of the redesigned volume indicator in from an internal Apple build of iOS 13 from March of this year, approximately 3 months prior to iOS 13’s official announcement. The leak of the volume indicator turned out to be pretty accurate to the finished product, so this information could very well be true.

Thanks to Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) for sharing this information! 🙂

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