Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR are now available to order.

The all-new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are both available to order from Apple. Following Apple’s announcement of these top-of-the-range pro machines in June of this year, it’s been a long time coming for many pro users.

The Mac Pro will be starting at $5,999 and can be configured to have up to 28 Cores with an Intel Xeon W processor, 1.5TB of Memory (RAM), and up to four Radeon Pro Graphics Processing Units (GPU). You can also get the Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPU, which is the most powerful graphics card in the world. Aside from internal configurations, you can get wheels added to the case in order to make it easier to move around. Apple is also offering a new configuration called “Afterburner”, which allows the Mac Pro to handle up to three streams of 8K ProRes RAW video at 30fps, or 12 streams of 4K ProRes RAW at 30fps, or 16 streams of 4K ProRes 422 at 30fps. With the max of every configuration added, this would make the total price tag of the Mac Pro around $50,348.00.

The Pro Display XDR does not have any available configurations, so it simply has a fixed price of $4,999, however, that price does not come with the stand. If you do want the stand for the Pro Display XDR, you must purchase it separately for $999, bringing the total price to $5,998 (1 dollar cheaper than the Mac Pro (base configuration)).

Apple Card owners are getting exclusive treatment, just for the holidays. If an Apple Card owner buys an Apple hardware product (e.g. Mac Pro, iPhone, etc.), they will be entitled to 6% cash back. This means that if you buy the base-configuration Mac Pro before the 31st of December 2019, you will reduce the price tag by $360, or $360 off the Pro Display XDR. Just remember that this promotion is only active until the 31st of December, so any purchase after that is the regular 3% cash back. Also, this offer is only for Apple hardware products. Services such as Apple Music, iTunes, Apple TV+, or Apple News+ are not valid for this promotion.

The Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR are both available to order from Apple now!

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