‘iPhone 11’ is the 5th most searched term globally on Google in 2019.

Today, Google announced the results to their “Year in Search 2019”, which shows the most search terms on Google. 

The list that is provided by Google covers multiple topics, such as singers, passings, TV shows, news, actors, movies, and most searches. These topics can be organised by country or globally. 

This year, in terms of Global searches, ‘iPhone 11’ ranked #5 on that list. Following this, ‘iPhone 11’ was the 8th most searched term in the UK and the 9th most searched term in the US. 

2019’s “Year in Search”, with iPhone 11 ranking #5
Source: Google

The lists provided by Google are actually quite interesting, so you can check out the other most searches or trends here. You can change the location to see the trends of your own country or other countries. You can also check back on previous years’ results too.

Google have also made a video covering the year in searches and the trends that have appeared throughout 2019.

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