PRODUCT(RED) Apple Watch could be arriving in 2020.

According to a new report from WatchGeneration, Apple may be planning to release a PRODUCT(RED) Apple Watch in 2020. 

WatchGeneration discovered a now-removed reference in an Apple database that referred to a PRODUCT(RED) version of the Apple Watch. This would mean that Apple would be offering the Apple Watch Series 5 in a red colour in order to support the PRODUCT(RED) charity.

According to WatchGeneration, they say:

“Indiscretion is to be taken with the tweezers of use, but we have everything to believe that such a model is in the pipes of the manufacturer: it briefly appeared in an Apple database, under a reference number different from RED bracelets”


It is, of course, unknown if Apple will actually bring this project to the light of day, but it is still very interesting to know if they actually will offer this colour for the Apple Watch Series 5 in the future.

PRODUCT(RED) is a charity that Apple have been supporting for a number of recent years. Apple often offer their products, such as the iPhone, iPod, and more, in the colour red in support of the organisation. For every (RED) product that is bought, a percentage goes to the charity. Apple has raised over $220 million for the charity since beginning of supporting the charity over 13 years ago. You can find out more information about the charity here at Apple’s website.

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