New Renders of the ‘iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9’ from OnLeaks feature revised design, glass back, and steel border.

Apple leaker @OnLeaks has shared renders of what he believes the long-awaited ‘iPhone SE 2’ (also rumoured to be called ‘iPhone 9’), featuring a slightly revised iPhone 8 design, with a stainless-steel-esque border and a glass back.

Credit to @OnLeaks

OnLeaks has a very good track record when it comes to predicting what unreleased Apple products will look like. Below is a render of his for the iPhone 11 Pro Max that dates back to January 2019 – nine months before the iPhone was officially shown by Apple.

@OnLeaks render of iPhone 11 Pro from January 2019

OnLeaks has multiple ideas in this render of the iPhone SE 2. He believes that the phone will be almost identical to the iPhone 8, and will not be similar to the iPhone X-series models. The main difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE 2 is that the thickness of the phone is increasing from 7.3mm to 7.8mm. The headphone jack will be omitted from this iPhone, but that was expected.

Interestingly enough, OnLeaks is predicting that the iPhone SE 2 will be featuring a frosted glass back, similar to the kind found on the iPhone 11 Pro series. OnLeaks is saying that the reason for this addition will be in order to differentiate the iPhone SE 2 from the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 featured a very shiny glass finish compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, which uses frosted glass to tone down the shininess and reflectivity of the glass.

As predicted, the iPhone SE 2 will not be featuring the iPhone X-esque display with the notch, Face ID, and the lack of a home button. Instead, it will have a bezel surrounding the 4.7” display, with a Touch ID sensor and a home button at the bottom of the front. In other words, the front of the phone will be identical to the iPhone 6 to 8 models. The iPhone SE 2 will feature a single lens camera on the back, and the phone will also be sporting the A13 Bionic chip.

You can view all the renders here. I would highly advise having a look at them as they are really good. There is also a 360º model you can view.

Credit to @OnLeaks for the renders!

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