iOS 14 icon leak shows off Apple’s over-ear headphones.

9to5Mac revealed two hidden icons depicting the unreleased Apple over-ear AirPods. They have found these two images in unreleased iOS 14 code that has been shared with them.

Credit: 9to5Mac

The icons simply show the design of the headphones, but don’t go into detail regarding the features they have. The first thing to note from the two icons is that Apple is intending to launch these over-ear headphones in two colours – white and black. There may be more colours in the pipeline, but at the moment, white and black are the only colours shown.

At the moment, Apple currently offers the AirPods and AirPods Pro in white, with no other colour options. It would appear as though Apple is extending their colour palette to include black this time.

Aside from colours, the leaked icons also show the design of the over-ear headphones. Just from looking at the icon, it wouldn’t appear that there is anything exceptionally different about the design compared to a regular set of over-ear headphones, but I imagine that the special thing about these headphones will be the software inside of them and the integration with Apple products.

Of course, these icons could simply be in the iOS 14 code for when a device connects to the phone’s Bluetooth. For example, if you connect any pair of headphones (AirPods included) to your iPhone or iPad, an icon depicting a pair of over-ear headphones appears in the status bar. This could simply be a case of Apple updating that icon, although it is unlikely.

The over-ear headphone icon that appears when you connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone or iPad. Could Apple simply be updating that icon?

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