iPhone 12 Pro may feature 64MP sensor, 10% larger battery; AirTags with ‘Lost Mode’ and iOS 14 new designs/graphics.

Apple leaker @PineLeaks is reporting today some new features that may be appearing in the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro, which is scheduled to be announced officially by Apple this September.

The first point PineLeaks covers is that the iPhone 12 Pro will feature a 64MP sensor inside the camera. PineLeaks says that the reason behind this bigger sensor is that it would enable an overall higher camera quality and that it would help Night Mode by allowing more light into the camera lens.

Speaking of Night Mode, PineLeaks also reported that Apple have plans to bring the Night Mode feature to the other camera inside the iPhone, specifically the front-facing camera, ultra-wide lens, and the telephoto lens.

Also, Apple are reportedly working on another improvement to the camera which would keep the camera in focus when you go around 2.2cm closer to the object that you are taking a close-up picture of. Alongside this, PineLeaks is saying that Apple will increase the width of the Ultra-Wide aperture by around 35%.

The next point that PineLeaks speaks about is Smart HDR (High Dynamic Range), which is said to be getting an improvement this year. According to PineLeaks, Apple are using a new algorithm to help with Smart HDR pictures, and that this brings them closer to Apple’s XDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) quality.

In terms of battery life, PineLeaks says that the iPhone 12 Pro will be receiving a 10% larger battery to handle the 5G modems inside the phone, which are much more intensive on battery life than current 4G modems found inside the iPhone 11.

Alongside information about the iPhone 12 Pro, PineLeaks also shared some information regarding iOS 14, which is scheduled to be announced by Apple this June.

PineLeaks says that iOS 14 will be a “stability update”, and that there won’t be any major new features. However, he does say that there will be some new designs and graphics, and that one of the new interfaces mentioned will be related to phone calls.

Also, PineLeaks also speaks about the long-rumoured Apple AirTags. He says that the AirTags will have a “Lost Mode: where you can scan a lost AirTag and it will bring up information regarding the owner and contact details so you can help get the lost AirTag back to owner. This feature is provided that the owner of the AirTag has enabled the Lost Mode feature in the settings of their AirTag.

So, it seems that the iPhone 12 Pro will be, similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, getting a lot of camera upgrades and new features. Of course, as with all leaks, please take this report with a grain of salt. Nothing is official until Apple themselves announce something.

Credit to @PineLeaks for this information!

Credit to @BenGeskin for the cover image concept!

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