iOS 14 to feature full mouse support; New Smart Keyboard with Trackpad coming soon

9to5Mac revealed today that Apple are intending to include full mouse support in iOS 14. This information comes from iOS 14 code that has been shared with 9to5Mac.

9to5Mac are saying that there are a few new features that will help the user experience when using a mouse with an iPad. The first being that the cursor will disappear from the screen after a few seconds of inactivity from the connected mouse or trackpad, and then the cursor will reappear should the user interact with the connected mouse or trackpad again.

According to the report, Apple also intend on bringing over the mouse gestures from the Mac to the iPad. For example, by using two fingers to tap on the mouse, you will right click on whatever content is on the screen.

9to5Mac also say that the cursor will change depending on the content that the cursor is floating over, similar to how the cursor behaves currently on Macs. So, if you hover over a link, you will get a pointing finger rather than the default cursor. 

According to the iOS 14 code shared with 9to5Mac, Apple intend to release a Smart Keyboard with a trackpad for iPad. 9to5Mac has also confirmed that there are multiple model identifiers inside the iOS 14 code, which would suggest that Apple intends on launching several different models of this Smart Keyboard for all Smart Keyboard-enabled iPads. This means that the new trackpad-enabled Smart Keyboard will not be exclusive to the upcoming 2020 iPad Pro models.

That is all that the report shared today, but it seems as though there may be more iOS 14 leaks coming soon, considering there has been a vast amount of leaks in just the last few days. Earlier today, icons were found inside iOS 14 code that showed the unreleased Apple StudioPods.

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