More iPhone 9 details found from leaked iOS 14 code.

9to5Mac today revealed some new details about the rumoured iPhone 9. The new information comes from pre-release iOS 14 code that was shared with 9to5Mac.

According to the leaked code, iPhone 9 will be utilising Apple’s Touch ID technology in the home button. This means that the iPhone 9 will not feature Face ID, which is currently only found in Apple’s X-series iPhones. Multiple supply chain sources said that this iPhone would feature Touch ID as well as a home button, and this iOS 14 code corroborates these reports.

The iPhone 9 will also feature Express Transit, which has appeared in all iPhones since the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S in 2015. Express Transit is a feature inside Apple Pay that lets you pay for trains/subways (e.g. London Underground) and other modes of transportation quickly and easily. According to 9to5Mac, Apple are targeting the iPhone 9 at iPhone 6 users as Express Transit isn’t compatible with iPhone 6 models.

iPhone 9 concept
Credit: @OnLeaks

The iPhone 9 is expected to be an entry-level iPhone priced at around $399. The iPhone 9 will feature Touch ID, a home button, a surrounding bezel, and a singular camera on the rear of the phone. 

Previous rumours suggested that the iPhone 9 would be announced at an Apple Spring event that would be taking place on March 31st, however, recent reports have suggested that Apple are considering postponing the event due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus.

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