3 new iPhone SE models in development; one may have in-display Touch ID

According to reliable Apple Leaker @a_rumors0000 has said that Apple are working on three upcoming iPhone SE models in various sizes, prices, and Touch ID configurations. The smallest model included in the leak is 5.5” diagonally, which would make it 0.1” bigger than the smallest iPhone 12 size (rumoured to be 5.4”) and 0.6” smaller... Continue Reading →

At least one new Apple product to be delayed, according to insiders at Apple.

Today, Twitter user Brian Roemmele (@BrianRoemmele) shared some information he received from insiders at Apple regarding WWDC 2020 and the announcement of at least one product being delayed to later this year. https://twitter.com/brianroemmele/status/1234966752892616704?s=21 It is unknown what unannounced product(s) the insiders are talking about, as there have been rumours regarding several new products from Apple... Continue Reading →

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