At least one new Apple product to be delayed, according to insiders at Apple.

Today, Twitter user Brian Roemmele (@BrianRoemmele) shared some information he received from insiders at Apple regarding WWDC 2020 and the announcement of at least one product being delayed to later this year.

It is unknown what unannounced product(s) the insiders are talking about, as there have been rumours regarding several new products from Apple over the last few months. 

Many of the reports have suggested that Apple would be announcing several new products such as the iPhone 9, a 14” MacBook Pro with a scissor-mechanism keyboard, new AirPods, and the AirTags at a Special Event that would be happening on March 31st.

However, due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, it is presumed that Apple would be cancelling this event and just announcing the products via press release, similar to how Apple announced the AirPods Generation 2, the iPad mini 5, and the iPad Air 3 around this time last year.

The insiders also shared two reasons why these products were likely to be delayed. The first reason being that WWDC 2020 is likely to be delayed or at least remodelled, and the second reason is that there is uncertainty at Apple over the supply chain resources.

Yesterday, Google cancelled their version of WWDC, Google I/O, and Apple has yet to mention anything regarding their plans for WWDC this year. As of right now, the event is proceeding, but I would think that Apple will be issuing an update soon enough before people make travel arrangements. WWDC normally takes place in the first week of June.

Thanks to Brian Roemmele for sharing this information!

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