Apple reportedly hosting iPhone SE/iPhone 9 Special Event on March 31st.

According to a new report from Apple news site, Apple are planning to host a special event for the iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9 at the end of March. is suggesting that the Apple Special Event will be taking place on the 31st of March, with the iPhone SE and other products that have been announced releasing on April 3rd.

Alongside the announcement of the new iPhone SE/iPhone 9, Apple will apparently release iOS 13.4 to everyone either after the event or the day prior. Either way, iOS 13.4 will release to everyone before the supposed iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9 launch on April 3rd.

Apple have held multiple events in March throughout the years. In 2019, Apple’s March event was focused on Apple’s latest entry into services. Apple announced Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and more. Alongside this, in 2018, Apple announced new iPads. Although Apple didn’t hold an event in 2017, Apple announced the first-generation iPhone SE at the 2016 Apple Event.

The naming for the next iPhone SE is unknown, however, the naming has been narrowed down to either iPhone SE, iPhone SE 2, or iPhone 9. I personally believe that Apple will just call this version of the iPhone SE the “all-new iPhone SE”, and not have any numbers in the name at all.

The iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9 is rumoured to be utilising the chassis of the iPhone 8, with the biggest difference occurring on the back with the camera. According to many leaks over the last few months, the iPhone’s camera will be very similar in size and design to the iPhone XR’s camera. 

The front of the iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9 will be identical to the iPhone 8’s front. It will have a top and bottom bezel surrounding the display, and it will have a Touch ID Home Button sensor nested into the bottom part of the bezel. This iPhone will not be utilising Apple’s Face ID technology, which for the moment is remaining on Apple’s “high-end” iPhones. 

Internally, the iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9 will be using Apple’s latest-and-greatest A13 Bionic chip, which Apple says is the “most powerful chip ever in a smartphone”.

Credit to @OnLeaks for the cover image.

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