$399 “AirPods Generation X” appear in the inventory logs at Target.

YouTuber Jon Prosser has shared images on Twitter that have been sent to him by employees of the retail-chain, Target. The images that he shared are of the inventory systems at Target, and the inventory logs show unannounced AirPods named “AirPods Generation X”.

Credit: Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) on Twitter

In the tweet attached above, you can see that the listing in the inventory logs are listed as “Apple’s Airpods (Generation X)”, and that they will retail for $399.99.

Jon Prosser also mentions that the inventory log listing for these unreleased AirPods has 3 versions in the system, all at the same price of $399.99. This could mean that Apple have intentions to launch three different colour options for these AirPods, unlike all previous versions of Apple’s AirPods, which only come in white.

Credit: Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) on Twitter

There have been multiple reports that Apple will be releasing over-the-ear headphones in the coming months, and it seems like Apple might be getting ready to announce them, possibly at the rumoured March 31st Special Event.

Thank you do Jon Prosser for sharing this!

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