iPhone 9 to be announced April 15th; shipping on April 22nd

According to information shared by Apple-leaker Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser), Apple have decided the announcement and shipping dates of the long-awaited iPhone 9 in an internal meeting held yesterday.

Prosser says that Apple have decided that April 15th will be the iPhone 9 announcement date. Following this, the iPhone 9 will begin shipping on April 22nd, which is one week following the rumoured announcement date.

However, Prosser does note that the world is in the middle of a pandemic, and this information is, of course, susceptible to change. He also mentions that Apple will be sending iMacs to employees to select retail employees at home to help with the launch of the phone, and in order to provide customer support and assistance.

The iPhone 9 is rumoured to be very similar in design to the iPhone 8, however, it will be getting an internal upgrade from the A11 Bionic chip to the A13 Bionic chip, currently used inside the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

The pricing on this upcoming iPhone is rumoured to be around $399, and is set to be targeted at iPhone 6 and iPhone SE users.

Credit to Jon Prosser for this information.

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