CAD Leak shows iPhone 12 Pro Max Square-Design, Smaller Notch, and Smart Connector.

Apple YouTuber EverythingApplePro and Apple-leaker Max Weinbach (@MaxWeinbach on Twitter), shared some very interesting details regarding the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max, including it’s design, smaller notch, bigger antennas, and a Smart Connector.

Comparison of the iPhone 12 Pro Max (left) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (right)

The first thing to notice is that the chassis of the upcoming iPhone, which looks very similar to the design of the iPad Pro. The CAD file shows that the iPhone 12 will use a square design, departing from the rounded design that has been used pretty much since the iPhone 6. 

Due to the new design, the size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will get thinner compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, going from 8.1mm to 7.4mm. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is also getting slightly wider, with the 12 Pro Max being 78mm vs. the 77mm on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Alongside this, the display-to-body ratio is higher, and the bezels of the screen are reducing by  0.9mm. The phone’s display is also becoming bigger. The iPhone 12 Pro Max will use a 6.7” display, which is 0.2” bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 6.5” display. Another interesting change is that the power button is now sitting lower on the chassis. 

It should also be noted that the Lightning Port is staying, so no USB-C yet.

The camera is also getting an improvement and a new design. The design of the camera lens is pretty much what everyone expected. The third camera lens, previously placed in the centre of the camera housing on the iPhone 11 Pro, is being moved up to make room for the LiDAR sensor. He also says that Apple will not be concealing the LiDAR sensor, and will be giving it a surrounding ring, just like the other lenses.

Comparison of the iPhone 12 Pro Max (left) vs. the iPhone 11 Pro Max (right)

The camera housing is about 5mm larger in length and width than the previous generation, however, he does mention in the video that the dimensions for the camera housing is not finalised.

EverythingApplePro also mentions that the back of the phone with be entirely glass, and will sit 0.8mm above the rear of the phone. He also mentions that the rear glass will curve slightly at the edges of the phone. 


The lenses of the camera will no protrude as much as they do on the 11 Pro series. EverythingApplePro says that the camera will be more similar to the new iPad Pro, where the lenses sits in the glass, with only a slight protrusion. 

The antenna bands are getting wider, with them increasing in size to 1.83mm compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 1mm. This is undoubtedly due to 5G and how the new models with have higher cellular and WiFi speeds.

The mute switch on the side is staying the same as all previous iPhones. It will not be switching to a vertical switch, as many have previously predicted.

The speakers are also becoming more uniformed, with an extra speaker being added. He also added that there are upgrades coming to the iPhone’s speakers. In the iPhone 12, the speakers will be 10-15% louder and will feature better dynamic range.

The SIM card tray is moving to the opposite side (where the volume switches are), and what’s replacing it’s position is a smaller version of the Smart Connector, similar to the ones found in the iPad Pro (2018 – current) models. 

That’s everything that EverythingApplePro had to talk about in his video today, which can be viewed below. There is a lot of very interesting things in this leak, but it should be noted that this CAD he received is only 70% complete,so there is room for error.

Credit to EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach for this information!


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