New iPhone Message Bug causes iPhones to crash

A new iPhone message bug has started to become viral due to the effect the message has on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac should you receive/view anything containing the special combination of characters.

The message, which consists of an Italian flag and a group of characters in the Sindhi language and can be viewed below, is being shared online and is causing hundreds of devices to crash. Previous bugs similar to this would only crash the Messages app if you received it in a text message, however, this glitch is different in that if you view it in any aspect, whether it be on a website, the Messages app, receive it in a notification, or view it in a Tweet or Instagram post, it will cause your iPhone to behave weirdly, and in some cases, crash.

Although this bug isn’t as bad as other bugs over the past few years, it still can be pretty annoying if someone were to send it to you or if you saw it online on social media.

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