Rumour details iPhone 12 Pro 120Hz ProMotion display, Camera improvements, Colours, Smaller Notch, Face ID improvements, naming, and more.

Apple YouTuber EverythingApplePro, in collaboration with reliable leaker Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach), have leaked some details about the upcoming iPhone 12.

The main new feature that EverythingApplePro speaks about is the addition of a 120Hz ProMotion display exclusively to the iPhone 12 Pro series. This means that only the 6.1” and 6.7” high-end Pro models will be receiving the new display. All the other models will be staying with the current 60Hz display. 

EverythingApplePro says that the engineers did have problems with implementing the ProMotion into the iPhone, however, their attitude was to either get 120Hz working or stick with 60Hz. EverythingApplePro said that there was no in-between with the engineers.

However, due to the problems that the engineers faced, they had to implement some mitigations in order to make it work properly and smoothly. One of these mitigations is Dynamic Variable Refresh Rate Switching, which means that the iPhone 12 Pro will use an algorithm to automatically switch between 60Hz and 120Hz depending on the content on your iPhone. 

Another large mitigation was battery life. Due to the new, heavy-duty display, the battery was suffering. Due of the battery drain, Apple have increased the size of the battery to 4400mAH capacity in the iPhone 12 Pro. 

The third mitigation was the logic board. According to EAP, Apple will be splitting the logic board in two this year and will connect it using a ribbon cable.


EverythingApplePro also confirms that the iPhone 12 will not have a Magnetic Connector for an Apple Pencil, unlike previous rumours EAP received. 

Also, ‘Navy Blue’ will be the flagship colour for this years’ iPhone 12. This means that ‘Navy Blue’ will replace the ‘Midnight Green’ colour from the iPhone 11 Pro. One thing that is staying from the iPhone 11 Pro is the Matte Back finish. EverythingApplePro says that the design will be staying due to it’s popularity.

Apple leaker Max Weinbach (@MaxWeinbach) says that the squared iPad-Pro-esque edges are proving quite successful in protecting the glass in internal Apple drop tests. He also says that the engineers were satisfied with how the new design increased the iPhone’s durability.

The expected size of the Face ID module in the iPhone 12 Pro

Face ID will also be getting some upgrades this year. Alongside the Face ID module shrinking, Apple will be adding new capabilities to the authentication system. The new Face ID will have a wider angle of scanning, which means that it will be able to scan you at a wider variety of angles. 

Face ID will also be getting ‘Dynamic Zoning Algorithms’, which means that Face ID will crop into certain facial features and track them a bit better than the previous generation.

In terms of the new camera housing, EverythingApplePro confirms that the new LiDAR sensor on the rear of the phone will be placed in the bottom right of the camera housing, with the other three lenses surrounding it.

Schematic showing the iPhone 12 Pro camera array layout

He also says that the 64MP rear camera has been axed due to the camera engineers not being happy with the results. EAP says that the poor dual autofocus was to blame. The engineers wanted 100% of the pixels to be used on focus, but unfortunately was not working, resulting in the axing of the feature. UPDATE: EverythingApplePro has said that the rear cameras will retain the 12MP cameras.

AutoFocus will be getting some improvements. EverythingApplePro says that the Low Light AutoFocus will be getting 2-3x better due to the bigger and better sensors, LiDAR, and software improvements. Subject Detection will be improving in low light scenarios too.

For Low Light photos, Apple is improving Electronic Image Stabilisation to create better photos and to not get overlapping photos in Night Mode.


LiDAR sensors will be used more by Apple in the coming updates, and could be essential in Portrait Mode video, however, the current performance is not very good, so Apple may delay it to a later version of iOS 14.

The microphones will also be getting some improvements. The microphones will be gettign increased microphone audio zoom and more precise beam forming.

Also, Smart HDR will be available on ALL iPhone 12 models. One change that is coming to Smart HDR is better noise reduction in low light situation. 

The telephoto lens will be getting 3x optical zoom. Alongside this, the telephoto lens will be getting Night Mode, which means that it will no longer be just the Wide lenses that have Night Mode.

Zoom will also be getting some improvements, and the engineers are trying to decide between 25x or 30x zoom, both of which are a massive improvement over the 10x optical zoom currently offered.


The final thing that EverythingApplePro spoke about was the 2020 iPhone lineup naming, which EAP confirms is speculation from Apple leaker Max Weinbach:

  • iPhone 12 (Base Model)
  • iPhone 12 Plus (Base Model)
  • iPhone 12 Pro (High-End Model)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (High-End Model)

That’s all the information that EverythingApplePro had to share today, and there’s a lot of information there to process. We should be seeing the new iPhones officially in September, although recent rumours have suggested that Apple have had to delay production and shopping dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can watch the original video below:


Credit to EverythingApplePro for the leak and the conceptual cover image. Credit to Max Weinbach for the leak.

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