watchOS 7 “Sleep Mode” Details Leaked

Reliable Apple leaker Fudge (@choco_bit on Twitter) has shared some code found inside watchOS 7 detailing the text and options that will be displayed for the Apple Watch’s new ‘Sleep Mode’.

Sleep Mode’ may be the name for Apple’s new Sleep Tracking feature inside watchOS 7, and Fudge has leaked quite a few details about Sleep Mode. Starting off, Fudge has shared how Sleep Mode will function.  The text he leaked says that the Apple Watch will use the user’s sleep schedule  to turn on Do Not Disturb. It will also lock and dim the display of your Apple Watch. 

Alongside this, to ensure that your Apple Watch will have enough battery by the end of the day to use Sleep Mode, your Apple Watch will send you reminders to make sure that your watch has enough charge to get you through the night. Fudge also shared: “Enable Sleep Tracking and wear your watch to bed to monitor your sleep”.

Continuing with Battery life, Fudge shared details regarding how much battery you should have for Sleep Mode to work properly. The Apple Watch should have at least 30% battery before you go to bed. The watch alerts you if it’s less than 30% and tells you to charge it.

When you wake up, the Apple Watch will notify you asking if you’re awake, and if you’d like to turn off your alarm and Sleep Mode. 

As for how to activate Sleep Mode, Fudge has uncovered that there will be a Sleep Mode button inside the Apple Watch’s Control Centre.

Fudge is still leaking details at the moment. This article will be updated with the new information, should more information be shared.

It is unknown if this is a watchOS 7 feature or if it is a new feature that will be reserved for the new Apple Watch models coming later this year. It is more likely that it is a software feature for the newer Apple Watch models (e.g. Series 4 and Series 5), although this is merely speculation.


Since the Apple Watch launched back in 2015, many consumers have been begging Apple to bring out a first-party Sleep Tracking feature to help monitor the user’s sleep. Throughout the years, many third-party developers have created their own Sleep Tracking apps, although many still want Apple to bring out their own Sleep Tracking app.

‘Sleep Mode’ is expected to be announced alongside watchOS 7 on June 22nd at Apple’s 2020 World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC)


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