Apple’s Foldable iPhone might be Two Separate Displays on a Hinge with No Notch

According to Apple leaker Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser), the design for the rumoured foldable iPhone may not be what everyone is expecting.

The prototype that Prosser has seen has two separate display panels that are held together by a hinge. Many other foldable smartphones use a single display that is flexible enough to be halved and unfolded, such as the Samsung Fold. This iPhone is in it’s very early stages of development, so it is likely that the design will change between now and the official announcement.


Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) responded with a picture of a foldable smartphone using a design similar to the rumoured foldable iPhone design. Prosser responded to the image saying that it does not “look as clunky as that”, although didn’t say the design shown in the picture wasn’t accurate to the iPhone prototype. This may be what the current prototype looks like in it’s current state.

Prosser says that the foldable iPhone doesn’t look like Apple “stuck two iPhones together”. He says that despite the two separate displays, when the display is extended, the experience is quite seamless and continuous.

Another Twitter (@LcLuc_666) user asked if the design was more similar to a concept he found, to which Prosser responded that it was “close”. This concept is more likely to be the actual design.

Alongside this information, Prosser also shares more about the design of the edges of the device. He says that the foldable iPhone uses rounded stainless steel edges similar to the edges of the iPhone 11 Pro models. 

Prosser also says that this iPhone will not have a notch for Face ID, but will instead have a “tiny forehead” on the outer display that will hold the Face ID sensors and cameras.


In regards to the release date, Prosser says that he is “not even close” to knowing a release date, so it seems like it will be a long time before we see the foldable iPhone from Apple.


Credit to Jon Prosser for this information. Credit to Roy Gilsing Design for the cover image.

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