The next version of macOS may be called ‘macOS 11’

According to reliable Apple leaker @a_rumors0000, the next version of macOS may not named be macOS 10.16, but macOS 11.

Since Mac OS X’s introduction back in 2001, despite the name change from Mac OS X to OS X to macOS, the numbers that follow the “macOS” name have always involved “10”. For example, macOS Catalina’s official name is macOS 10.15 Catalina. 


However, the leaker today suggests in a cryptic tweet that Apple might be leaving ten behind and moving to eleven – meaning the new name will be ‘macOS 11’ as opposed to ‘macOS 10.16’. This could be due to Apple bringing ARM processors to the Mac2, although this is not confirmed.

Alongside this, Apple leaker @blue_kanikama shared the internal and public software codes for macOS 11, which includes 18A391011 for internal builds and 12A22 for the public build.

Very little has leaked about the next macOS update, but it is expected that Apple will announce the beginning of the transition from Intel processors to Apple’s custom-made ARM chips. There is also a redesigned iMac announcement expected at WWDC. 

The official announcement of the next version of macOS, be it named macOS 10.16 or macOS 11, is expected next week at WWDC 2020, alongside the announcement of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and watchOS 7.


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