‘AirTag’ sound effects found in iOS internal files

iOS leaker @Soybeys has leaked some of the sound effects that we should be expecting to hear with Apple’s unannounced AirTags.

These sounds effects were found deep within iOS’ internal files. It’s unknown whether these sound effects were found in iOS 13.5 or the leaked version of iOS 14. Regardless, it does help us imagine what the AirTag experience will be like when Apple officially announce them.

You can hear the sound effects below:

Based on the file names for the sound effects, it would seem as though the sound effects will play from your iPhone’s speakers as you get closer to your AirTag when you are looking for it in the Find My app.


Soybeys also shared the names of the files, which are listed below in the order that they are played in the video:

  • FMR1Ahead-B398.caf (Likely to play when the AirTag is in front of you)
  • FMR1Ahead-Off-B398.caf (Likely to play if you leave the correct direction of the AirTag)
  • FMR1ArmsReach-B398.caf (Likely to play when you are wishing arms reach of your AirTag)
  • FMR1ArmsReach-Off-B398.caf (Likely to play when you are not facing the right direction when in Arms Reach of your AirTag)
  • FMR1Arrow-Build-B398.caf (Likely to play when you are facing the right direction and moving closer to the AirTag)
  • FMR1Arrow-Scatter-B398.caf (Likely to play when you move towards the AirTag in the incorrect direction)
  • FMR1Nearby-B398.caf (Likely to play when you are near the AirTag)

That is all of the audio files found in the files, but there is one video file amongst all the other audio files. In this video file, there is a 3D rainbow Apple logo that rotates 360º while there is music playing over it. It is likely that this is a placeholder for something.


Recent leaks have said that the AirTags will be using a custom Apple-designed R1 chip to create a seamless experience between the iPhone and the AirTag. In the same leak, it also appeared that Apple are working on an iOS 14 app named ‘Find My Tags” to help you find your AirTags. It is likely that these sound effects will appear inside this app.

AirTags are expected to be announced alongside iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS 10.16, and other hardware products at WWDC 2020 next week. It is unknown how much they’re will retail for or when they will become available, but rumours in the past have suggested a price point of about $49-$59.


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