8th Generation iPad Base-Storage, Screen Size, and Processor Leaked

Increasingly reliable Apple Leaked @a_rumors0000 has released information on the new 8th Generation iPad, including the base storage configuration, the new screen size, and the processor that this iPad will use.

According to the leak, the 8th Generation iPad will come with a base storage of 64GB, which is double the base configuration of the current 7th Generation iPad sold by Apple. At the moment, the only storage size configurations available for the the 7th Generation iPad is 32GB and 128GB, meaning, despite the leak not saying what the max storage configuration is for this new model, the 8th Generation iPad could allow for up to 256GB storage, although this is merely speculation.


The leak also says that the screen size for the 8th Generation iPad will be 10.8”, a full .6” bigger than the current 7th Generation iPad. This screen size has also been suggested by extremely reliable Apple leaker Ming Chi Kuo.

The final thing mentioned in the leak is the processor that this new iPad model will be utilising. According to the leak, this iPad will be using an A12 Bionic chip, which is an incredible improvement over the A10 chip currently found in the 7th Generation iPad. The A12 Bionic is the same chip the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max use, so this would be an incredible power upgrade for this iPad.

That is all the information included in this leak. It is unknown when Apple will be officially announcing this product, but many rumours and leaks over the last few months have suggested that Apple will be announcing and launching in October/early November of this year.


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