Leak shows iPhone 12 with Magnetic Connector, LiDAR Sensor Layout, and more.

Today, a leak showing all four iPhone 12 models was shared to Twitter by the Apple Leaker @Jin_Store. The 3D Models shown in the leaks are presumably the 3D Models given to various case makers in order for them to test their cases on the upcoming iPhone 12 models.

The leak shows five 3D Models. Going from left to right, the photo shows two 6.7” iPhone 12 Pro Max models, one 6.1” iPhone 12 Max/iPhone 12 Pro models, and two 5.4” iPhone 12 models. You can also see all three different sizes next to each other.

There are a few interesting changes that these models show. On the iPhone 12 Pro Max (the two iPhone models on the far left), the volume buttons and the silent switch have been moved down a significant amount, presumably due to the increase in size compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It would seem the volume buttons and silent switch have been lowered on the 6.1” model also, but not by much. As for the 5.4” iPhone 12 model, it would seem like the volume and silent switch buttons are remaining where they are.


On the 6.1” iPhone 12 Max/iPhone 12 Pro model (the model in the middle), you can see the new location for the SIM Card slot below the volume buttons. Interestingly, the new location for SIM Card slot is not visible on any other models displayed in this leak. We’ve highlighted the location of the SIM card tray below:

Finally, the most prevalent thing about this leak is the notch, which appears to have not changed in size at all compared to all other previous X-series iPhones. This contrasts with other leaks for the iPhone 12, most of which say that Apple will be reducing the size of the notch for the iPhone 12 model. 


Lastly, the leaker also shared the 3D Drawings for these models, which can be seen below:

It is unknown which model is being shown, but it does show the camera layout with the LiDAR sensor above the middle lens on the right side of the camera housing. Many other leaks suggested that the LiDAR sensor would be below the middle camera.

Alongside this, the 3D drawing also shows what appears to be a Magnetic Connector from the iPad Pro on the side. This is not the first time that the Magnetic Connector for the iPhone 12 has leaked, but many leakers have said that it will not be coming to the iPhone 12.


That seems to be everything included in this leak, but, as with all leaks, please take this one with a grain of salt. Nothing is official until Apple announce these iPhone models themselves. 

You can see the leaker’s original tweet below:


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