Apple unveils new ‘Apple Gift Card’ that works across the Apple Store, App Store, and iTunes Store

Apple today unveiled a new ‘Apple Gift Card’ that merges the Apple Store gift card and App Store/iTunes gift card into to one card that can be used for both hardware and software products. The card features a new design that shows an Apple logo with various abstract artwork in the Apple logo. Previously, Apple... Continue Reading →

Apple promises to be 100% Carbon Neutral by 2030

Apple have released a new advert on their YouTube channel promising that all of Apple’s facilities worldwide will be entirely carbon neutral by 2030. In addition to the new advert, Apple are also promoting a new website:, which outlines Apple’s commitment to protecting the planet. In the description of the video, Apple said the... Continue Reading →

‘AirTags’ will use a replaceable battery, location can be shared, can play sounds, and has a special pairing process

Reliable iOS leaker @blue_kanikama has released screenshots of internal AirTag code which details a lot of new information about AirTags and how they will function. Firstly, blue_kanikama leaked the pairing process for the AirTags. When you buy your AirTags, there will be a tab that won’t activate the AirTags until pulled. Once pulled, you will... Continue Reading →

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